Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent agents,

One of the most important recent advances in AI has been the development of deep learning 

Deep learning,is a technique that allows computers to learn from data 

As AI continues to develop, it is likely to have a profound impact on our lives. 

Benefits of AI: AI can help us to solve complex problems that are beyond the capabilities of humans. 

AI can help us to automate tasks that are currently done by humans. 

AI can help us to create new forms of art and entertainment. 

Risks of AI: AI could be used to create autonomous weapons that could kill without human intervention. 

Here are some of the latest news on Artificial Intelligence(AI): 

AI is being used to develop new drugs and treatments for diseases. 

AI is being used to improve the accuracy of medical diagnoses. 

AI is being used to create self-driving cars.